The Game Show History Lesson Debacle

Christmas dinner at the in laws. Need I say more?….whether I do or not, I will.

We arrive at the pre specified eating time, which happens to be around noon. Knowing full well that eating will not commence for another 2 hours. Eating on time is the lure….not eating on time is the hook that is always caught in my cheek. So, I sit and wait, as each moment goes by, as the reeling continues, until the meal is ACTUALLY ready to be devoured.

During the waiting period inbetween the promise of food and the getting of food, my wife, step daughter and I sit on the couch and watch what is pre decided to watch. The in laws are game show channel addicts. Today is “The Match Game” marathon!!!! I was so excited I think I actually peed myself.


If you are not familiar with this particular game show…you are not missing much. It has a panel of 6 “stars” from the 70’s who attempt to fill in the blank of a ridiculous question, by writing their answer on a card. The contestant has to attempt to fill in the blank and attempt to get the same answer with as many of the stars as possible. Top prize $20,000.

After episode 5…..yes 5. I made a comment.

“Check it out honey…they finally have an African American on the celebrity panel.”

I am not a celebrities of the ’70’s guru. Of all the episodes. I actually only knew 2 so called celebrities on the show-

1- Charles Nelson Rielly
2- Richard Dawson

I just found it odd that so far only one person of color was represented. after that one comment….the fun began.

My 14 year old step daughter…in complete seriousness replies,

“It’s probably because that was when slavery ended.”


I looked at her and said, “Slavery ended in the 1970’s?….Which president abolished slavery?”

“I don’t know..” she replied, knowing that eventhough school was not in session, Professor Step Dad was unleashed to teach her something.

I looked her in the eye with a smile and said, “Remember Abraham Lincoln?”

She quickly recoiled and said, “OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN!”

And yet, it was this again.

Please venture into the archive retreival chamber to revisit our first “Encounter with Lincoln”- The Login

Ahh…memory lane.

Back to the story.

I asked, “What was Preident Lincoln known for?”

She replied, “…….the penny?….no wait….the top hat….umm…I know who the first 3 presidents were!”

Deflection technique. Admirable….But, she still had to know the answer to her bold statement.

“Ok, I’ll bite on this one. Name them.”

Her eyes opened slightly wider….she stumbled for words then replied,

“George Washington was the first. Thomas Jefferson was the second. James Madison was the third…WAIT!…maybe Jefferson was the 3rd….and some guy named Adam might have been the second…Give me a minute.”

As she takes her minute to decide, please watch a video which about sums up my brain at this point of the conversation.

She squints her eyes, scratches her head, and sighs. as she is about to reply, we hear from the kitchen,

“Dinner is ready! Let’s eat!”

My stepdaughter smiles big as she lets out an exhale and says,

“That was a close one….I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

Still smiling, she pats me on the leg, flips her hair and heads to the table.

I try to stop her but the proverbial hook in my cheek gives its final tug.


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