Reindeer Revenge

by good2begone

I was awakened at 6 am by a loud clatter,
I jumped from my bed to see what was the matter.

At first I thought the reindeer had come to deliver holiday glee,
But the racket was so loud…I really didn’t know what it could be.

My daughter came into the room with a frown and she said,
“I can’t sleep in my room..part of the ceiling just fell on my head.”

My wife she awoke and looked at me in fright,
“Maybe the Mayans were right, they just chose the wrong night….”

I waved that comment off and threw on my pajamas, to check my gut feeling,
That there was a “Drunken Reindeer Riverdance” occurring on top of our ceiling.

I could picture 8 animals paw in paw on our roof,
But because of too much spiked egg nog, their rhythm came across quite aloof.

I threw open my front door and what did I see?
The Christmas hail was pouncing, “Oh Santa….why me?”

Most people hope for a white Christmas when they awake,
Not marbles falling from the sky, for goodness sake.

It is now almost 7, the reindeer had quite the bash,
I hope the insurance is paid up…..I don’t want to pay cash.

I sip on my coffee and look at the tree,
The day hasn’t even started…how will the rest of it be?

The truth is, it is Christmas, and the freak storm it has passed,
Every day creates memories….I pretty sure this one will last.