The Protector

by good2begone

This weekend has been a weekend of great change… is a change that I knew would be coming (sooner or later) but preferred that it never happened at all.

My about to be 14 year old step daughter has become a woman…….
I don’t know how it happened.

I knew when my step son reached that platform. It was easy to recognize.

The flagpole would rise at every unopportune moment known to exist……welcome to manhood.

There was only one give away to my step daughter becoming a woman. The uncontrollable “awwwwing” from my wife.

She has been “awwwing” over her since last night….and calling every female relative within a 5000 mile radius to tell them about this momentous coming of age event. All I keep hearing is


Me….being the man that I am, asked if we needed to do something special for her like make her a……

-Kotex flower bouquet
-a Midol milkshake
– possibly a CD from one of my favorite punk bands “The Cramps”

The “awwww” abruptly stopped and to the store we went. I had to be the Captain of the female feminine products express…..and got “the talk”.

If you reading this and are

1- a man
2- a guardian of a young girl

Then you have gotten….or will get “the talk”.

After my tongue lashing and embarrassing store run, I got to thinking……..

If this has happened….what’s next….


The boys will be next. In droves. I need preparation….

I did what any other concerned protector of his step daughter would do.


This is me, shooting an M-16. One day after I heard the news that my stepdaughter has become a woman.