The fear is rising as the day turns to night

For the one night of the year has come when the costume brigade is my plight

They knock at my door and their sizes may vary,

What they want is the last bit of sanity that my mind clings to…barely.


They come in small packs but soon go away

Im afraid to answer because I cant afford to pay .

I beg for the daylight I cant bear their screams

I dare not fall asleep…. They may attack in my dreams


So here is sit in the corner, knees pulled up to my chest

Hoping they dont barge in ,And demand my mind to arrest.

Beads of sweat from my brow, Begin to pound the wood floor

Or maybe its the ghost from the shower That spoke to me before.


Its the one day of the year When I dont dare make a sound

I pray they don’t find me for my sanity they will steal…. if ever I am found.






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