Enemy Gone….Truth Gained

by good2begone


I used to cherish this picture of you. I even had it blown up to poster size and hung it above my fireplace, so I could stare at it and smile for hours. I took it while you stood there, in your usual pissed off stance, from the comfort of my living room, mere hours after I finished my masterpiece hedge trimming, and minutes before you took your chainsaw to it. It made me glow to watch you get your dander all muffled and in a tizzy while you cremated my yard art.

We were neighbors. But by no means friendly. You moved into the house next door to me just as I got used to NOT having a neighbor. I hated you for that. We never even attempted to make nice…..just continued to try to 1 up each other on nastiness.

Instead of calling the proper authorities to intervene…we took matters into our own hands until that busy body down the street thought we were going to kill each other. You put a restraining order out on me…..I put one out on you.

That was when we resorted to lawn warfare. I had been waiting for you to retaliate after my hedge art….but your side of the fence stayed quiet.

I waited as your lawn grew out of order…the newspapers piled up and the mail was left unattended. I should have checked on you, but as often as I had wished for your demise I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

The busy body stepped in and the police came. You had been dead for 3 weeks and no one had cared to notice.

I was happy you were gone.

That was until I found out you left all your belongings to me. House and all.

I was beside myself with rage. Why would you leave your enemy next door everything???

I found out why.

We each-were war veterans.
We each-had no family to speak of.
We each-never got peace once the war ended so many years ago.
We each- thrived on getting under each others collar

I found the box of information about me that you had in the chest next to your fireplace. You knew the similarities before I did. And fed off past anger….like I do.

I have been coming to your gravesite every week for the last three years to make sure it is clean of debris, always has flowers, and looked well cared for. I could not take care of you in life…..but by God, I can since your passing. You and I no longer quarrel and I am filled with dismay by the way I treated you without knowing we were brothers of war. The best I can do now is take this photograph and burn it here, so you and I both know it is gone…..just like our feuding past.

-he flicks his lighter and puts the flame to the portrait, as it burns he places it in the metal tray he has brought and sets it beside the headstone-

Thank you for showing me what true peace is about. I will see you next week, neighbor.