Return To Sender- Dos

by good2begone

As he waits for a response, he jets his head and eyes feverishly back n forth checking all sides. Just then he hears a noise…


————The Dos Begins—————

A voice came into the room.

“Relax, son. This is a General from the United States Air Force in Abilene, Tx. We want to come in and talk to you about where you have been and how you got back.”

“What the hell is an Abilene? I don’t know where I’ve been but I ain’t going back there….where are the others I escaped with?” He said as he relaxed his stance.

After a long pause, he heard 3 door locks disengage. He took a few steps back, looked around and waited for the door to open.

The mechanical steel door slowly opened and in walked the General. Behind him stood 2 men with their issues weapons out of the holsters.
The General held out a can of Coca-Cola to him and said,

“Welcome home. Come. Sit down and tell me what has happened.”

He took the soda and sat down. He popped the top, heard the fizz and cracked a smile before he drank. He finished the drink let out a belch and said,

“I haven’t had one of those forever…..where are the others?”

“You….are the only survivor from the crash….the crash of a WW2 plane reported lost in battle. You…we’re reported missing in 1986. It is now 2021. We cannot question “the others”, which is why we need answers from you. Our national…ummm…global security depends in it.” The General sternly replied.

“Whoa…hold on…2021? This is a joke, right? What about my parents…friends…have they been notified that I’m not missing anymore?”

“No. And they won’t be until until we understand the gravity of the situation that you have been in and what it will take to protect us from it.”

He slumped in his chair. Looked at the General square in the eyes, leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and plainly replied,

“You can’t protect yourselves from something that has been here since the first time man gazed up into the infinity of stars in the blackest of nights.”

He sat back up in his chair. Stared at the General with the same stern look he was just given…..and began to twitch.

First, it just a few short spasms. They quickly turned into a violent seizure. The General demanded medical personnel. Before they arrived the seizure stopped. He lay breathing shallowly on the floor.

As the medical personnel worked to hook him back up to the machines and stabilize his condition, he opened his eyes, looked blankly at no one in particular and said,

“I am beginning to think we were allowed to escape….”

A single tear ran down the side of his cheek as he lost consciousness.