Help Wanted (Part 2)

What once made him feel unbreakable, has now left him broken.

But the time has finally come to choose



Suddenly, the phone began to vibrate…

___________ Part 2 Begins____________

The buzzing phone broke his concentration. “Answering” a call was not one of the options……But his normal reflex told him different.

He looked at the screen, picked up the phone with his right hand, and moved his thumb over to the green button.

He paused when the voice, that was usually in his head, took form in the empty chair on the other side of the table and began to speak.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you….”

The voice didn’t startle him. It was the location of the voice that made him drop the phone back onto the table.

He looked up from and across the table
as the phone stopped vibrating.

“What the….” He said under his breath.

“Pretty uncanny, huh? It’s me….I mean…I’m you….only a lot less stressed and complicated.” the alter plainly replied.

He grabbed one of the cigarettes out of the pack on the table, lit it up and took a long drag. After exhaling the smoke, he looked at the man he exited and continued….

“You,” he stated while pointing the fingers with the cigarette in between,
“are a freaking mess. Your inability to make a decision has made me whole.”

The man rubbed his eyes to see if it would make him disappear. To no avail, he was still there when he dropped his hands…smiling.

“I’m really here. Don’t bother with the dramatics. You summoned me. The first time you got high you unlocked a part of your brain that should have been left alone. I was in that mental chamber…….was, being the operative word.”

“Wait a minute…I haven’t gotten high in 2 days…”

“No shit, genius. And without it what have you been doing?…sitting in this roach motel NOT making any decisions.

Gun phone phone gun
Bang ring ring bang

What The hell is that nonsense? If you really wanted to do it, it would have been done already. Watch I’ll show you.”

The alter picked up the gun and placed it on his temple and pulled the trigger.


Blood sprayed out the other side of his head and he fell into the floor.

The man shrieked. He sat for a moment then glanced down onto floor where his alter lay……

Only he wasn’t there. No blood, no body, no gun. Just the nasty carpet and the distinct smell of gunpowder.

“Over here, Mr. Decision Maker.”

He spun his head around. The alter was propped up on the bed, legs crossed leaning on 2 pillows, twirling the gun around his index finger.

“It could have been that easy. But nooooo….

Gun phone ring bang
Pitter patter smitten smatter

Ridiculous. You used to be something…….now you are just a junkie with a gun……and a phone let’s not forget about that.”

“So what….are you here to decide for me?” he asked.

“Ummm….no. I’m here to take over.” the alter confidently stated.

“You can’t TAKE OVER. You are a figment of my detoxing brain. Once I get some mental strength back I am going to fight to get my life back. I’m..”

“You have no fight left. Your brain is nothing but dead cells and bong resin. I had to come out, you hot boxing the space between your ears left me in charge. Every time you neglected to make a decision in your life, I got stronger. Your final indecision was your choice between

Calling for help
Answering the gun

I have had enough. You have neglected to make a decision on your own for way too long. I AM YOUR INDECISION AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

The alter got up off the bed. Confidently walked over to his weaker host and smacked the side of his skull with the butt of the gun.

He fell off the chair and hit the floor unconscious.

The alter then picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Ring ring
“Emergency Services. How may we help you?”

“Yeah, I don’t know where I am, but I’m in bad shape and hallucinating. I think I want to kill myself but I’m not sure….bang ring ring bang…can you help me?” the alter said and threw the phone on the bed.

He knelt down over his identity and whispered in his ear,

“Have no fear, my simpleton reflection, where you will be going no decisions will have to be made. They will be made for you. I got my own decisions to make now.”

He got up off the floor, picked up the pack of cigarettes, shook one out and lit it. After a long drag, he heard the faint sound of sirens. He exhaled slowly and strolled to the front door. He stopped momentarily, looked back at himself and thought,

“Should I wait to make sure they take him away or just leave?

Should I stay
Should I go

He smiled.

“I gotta find a jukebox joint with that song in it.” he said joyfully and walked away whistling an old tune from “The Clash”


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Clarity In The Wind

The cool breeze coming off the waves of the ocean had a calming effect on her mind as it helped to dry and harden the blood that remained on her face. The voice that whispered from within the wind, before she decided to end her relationship with her husband, was no longer audible, but she waited for further instructions just the same. She couldn’t just leave the body at the bottom of the stairs….what would the neighbors think when they came over for wine tasting tomorrow?

She leaned on the railing of their custom made cabana overlooking the water and reflected back on how she became a willing participant in becoming a widow.

She always knew she would marry into money. Why wouldn’t she? She had learned from an early age to use her “assets” to get what wanted from a man. All she wanted was money. She wasn’t about to end up in the trailer park like the ones she grew up with. She wanted it all, and a man with money could provide it for her.

She used to work as a “stripper”. She honed her skills, kept her body tanned and toned and after 3 years of dedication to her craft she was able to advance to the title of “exotic dancer” at one of high priced gentleman’s clubs.

She found the solution to her monetary dreams a few short weeks into her new job. He had broad shoulders, chiseled facial features and an exotic wallet filled with black plastic gold.

Their relationship started slow. She didn’t want to seem sleazy or greedy for a payday. So she limited her time off work with him to fancy French cuisine dinners and limousine rides along the coast.

She made their first sexual experience memorable by letting him fulfill his every desire. The 25 carat diamond ring was presented to her a short 2 weeks later, as he kneeled in front of her on one knee, none the less.

It was a wedding that even a fairy tale could not surpass. Champagne fountains, orchestra, and a wedding trane that was as long as the eye could see.

Too bad the honeymoon didn’t last as long.

The beatings began shortly after they returned from the private island he used as a vacation spot.

Never to the face. Always where her designer clothes would cover the bruises. He was jealous of the way other men looked at her. He always believed it was her fault. The only gratification from the pain she endured would be from the apology gifts that reminded her of why she married him in the first place. Furs, cars, jewelry, cottage in the Hamptons. Money healed all her wounds.

Until they didn’t any more.

After 5 years of the madness of monetary devotion, she thought she needed a break. She asked if she could retreat to the island for a getaway. He complied with her wish under 1 condition, that she be left without a way off the island. At this point she didn’t care and agreed.

Her first night alone was the first peace she had in years. After a long restful nap, she put on her robe and headed out to the balcony to enjoy the calm of the ocean sounds.

Along with the calm, was the first time she heard the whispering voice.

The voice added to the calm by subtlety blending in with the wind and the incoming tide. Still it’s message was clear.

“A stand must be made….to create the fall….”

She looked around. Someone had to be there. But, the note left by the staff, specifically stated that they were told to vacate the premises before her arrival. She was alone. Except for the voice that bared no form.

By day 3 she knew the voice was right. Solitude and lack of new bruises confirmed the declaration.

She requested that he come for her on the weekend. He agreed but stated that the neighbors from the adjacent island would be by Sunday for brunch and wine. He needed her to be cordial not slutty around his associates or there would be hell to pay.

She prepared for his arrival by spiking his favorite single malt scotch with sleeping pills. She always prepared his drinks. She would begin with the remnants of the old bottle before shifting to the sleepy scotch.

He arrived by way of his helicopter. She heard the engine shut off and was waiting for him in the silk lingerie and robe he had made for her in Greece. It was his favorite.

He entered the chalet and she handed him his drink.

“I’ve missed you.” she said

“Yeah, me too. Looks like you think you are gonna get some tonight.” he replied

“No just wanted to look nice for you. Enjoy your drink and relax.”

“Good. I just want to get drunk anyway. I might have some frustrations to get out later…..I will let you know.”

The new bottle was used for drink 3, 4 and 5.

He went upstairs to change. She followed a few feet behind. After changing into his silk pajamas he began to feel a bit woozy.

“Are you ok, honey….”

“…I….feel….strange…” he slowly replied as he blinked his eyes and tried to shake the feeling off.

“Maybe, you need to lie down.” she said and released a sky smirk.

He wasn’t supposed to see the smirk…but he did and lunged at her.

“You…bitch…you spiked….my drink….after…all I have…done….for you.”

He latched on to the back of her silk gown and began to pull her near. He spun her around and hurled one straight shot to the center of her face. Her eyes immediately watered and blood sprayed out. She broke free and headed out into the hallway. He kept himself upright with the swell of adrenaline gotten from the punch.

She stopped and turned around just as she reached the staircase. He stumbled toward her and said, “Daddy is gonna teach you a lesson you will ne….”

With all the rage she could muster, she pulled back her right leg and kicked forward with all she had. She connected with the money shot, right square to the testicles. As he began to hunch over in pain, she grabbed the back of his pajamas and pushed him toward the staircase.

He stumbled on the first step and tried to regain balance. The pills had taken over. He began to tumble head first down the stairs. He hit the first floor in a crumbled heap and twisted mess.

The breeze picked up slightly. She listened intently for what to do. A whisper invaded her consciousness…

“After the anger subsides….the waters will sooth….”

A burial at sea was the answer.

She began to drag his body out of the house and toward the beach. She knew the small fishing boat would be there. It was his only tie to the happiness he remembered from poverty that he ever kept around. The self made man he was. Now he was self made heap.

It was not easy to drag him. She was not very strong and he was dead weight. But perseverance prevailed and she got him into the small vessel. She tied the anchor around his arm and began to row out to deeper waters.

She rowed until she could row no more. As she threw the anchor into the water the unexpected happened. He had some life left in him. Before the last of the chain pulled him out of the craft, he grabbed her by the forearm and clung tightly. The boat began to sway as the anchor continued in depth and the boat was overturned. They began to sink together under the water. She fought to release his grip. The salty water entered her mouth and lungs. She became free of his grip as he continued to sink. She tried to swim upward with the force she didn’t know she possessed. The more she strikes upward the farther the surface seemed.

As the struggle to live began to wear down she heard the voice, out of the wind and tide and into her head…

“A stand must be made….to create the fall…..after the anger subsides….the water will sooth….the sins of them all….”

She ceased fighting and sank to her husbands side, where they laid together in peace for the first time….in a long time.


Help Wanted- Part 1

He sat in the dingy chair of the really cheap motel room with a gun in one hand and the telephone in the other. He couldn’t decide.



He put both down on the small end table, put his head in his hands and wondered, “How did it get to the point where these were my only options.”

The answer to his riddle wasn’t in the “how” but in the “when”.

He lifted his head, looked at the objects on the table. His eyes shifted from one to the other with a pause in between….

Left-gun Right-phone

Left-end Right-beginning

Or would it be the beginning of the end?

He had been doing it for such a long time that he couldn’t just stop. He had tried before. It was just so damn addictive he kept coming back to it.

“Chasing the dragon” they called it.

Trying to recapture that rush that came with the first time.

“That rush” had not happened in months, maybe years. Still, he kept trying to get it. It cost him his job, his family….all that was once near and dear to him.

What once made him feel unbreakable, has now left him broken.

But the time has finally come to choose



Suddenly, the phone began to vibrate…


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Stat Stun Gun

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Decision To Jump

Her psychiatrist kept trying to convince her that he wasn’t “visiting” her from the grave, but she knew different.

“I will love you forever” he said. “Even after the cancer has taken my last breath, I will wait for you. I can’t imagine there will be heaven without you with me. So I will wait in limbo until you are with me to move on into eternity.”

The morning that followed, as he looked deeply into her eyes, he drew his last breath and passed on.


It has been 11 months since the funeral.
All of his family and friends have moved on. They made their peace with his death, celebrated his life on this plane of existence and moved on with their lives. She was not as fortunate.

His last declaration of devotion was not the last time she heard him speak. She first heard his voice in the middle of the night while she attempted to sleep. Just as the R.E.M’s were about to take over she heard him sing. It was the song he had always attempted to “woo” her with. “Girl Like You” by The Smithereens.

“London, Washington, anywhere you are I’ll run….together we’ll be. Just to win the love of a girl like you.”

His voice, as off key as it still was, still soothed her heart and calmed her nerves. As she drifted into a deep sleep his voice filled the room.

” I’ll say anything….almost anything….except goodbye”

For the next couple of weeks he made his presence more known to her. As she lay in bed, he would kneel beside her, gently wipe back the hair that had fallen on her face and talk to her.

“I come to see you because I am lonely. The light you here about in books and movies is real. It is always pleading with me to go over the other side but I can’t. I need you with me.”

“I miss you every day…all the time.” she replies. “but….I saw you die. I am still alive….at least in body in am. I need to move on like everyone else has and just accept that you are gone. Maybe if I….”

“NO!” he pleads. ” you can’t just move on like everyone else. We are soul mates. One can’t exist without the other. We have to be together. It will make us both whole again!”

“My roommates are worried. They hear me talking to you at night…..well they hear me talking…and they think I have lost my mind. HAVE I? I am not even sure. I am going to see a shrink tomorrow. I want to be with you more than anything but if you are dead….and I’m talking to you…..then I must be crazy.”

“You are just crazy in love….with me. We both always knew we were meant to be together. We still can be. If you want it as bad as I do….which I think you do…..then we find a way to make it happen. I will let you sleep on it. Just remember eternity waits for me only because I wait for you to join me.”

He drifted out of the room. Once again singing,

“I’ll say anything….almost anything…except goodbye…”


The visits to the psychiatrist were of little help. Sitting on the couch and reliving her past with him only made her love for him grow. She would tell the Dr. when he visited her and recount their conversations. It made her long to be with him. The shrink kept telling her “The dead are just that…dead. Your mind is manifesting visions of him because you refuse to move on.”

“You need to make a conscience decision to move on.” he gently told her. “let me tell you a riddle”

“There once were 3 frogs sitting on a log. 1 decided to jump. How many were left?”

“2” she replied.

“No, the 1 frog only made a decision to jump. He hasn’t put any action to it yet. All 3 are still on the log. Making the decision is only half the battle. You have to put action to it. All I want you to do is make the decision.”

She left his office with much to think about. Upon returning home, she went to her room and locked the door. To no surprise he was sitting on the bed waiting for her.

“That shrink doesn’t understand how deep our love is for each other. True love can go on….even after death. If you come with me I will SHOW you!”

“You need to leave me alone. I need to really sort this out. I do love you but….I need to decide…without you here.”

“I will give you time. For one, time has no meaning when in limbo and 2 time will only prove my point that you can’t live without me. Take your time…” he said and faded into nothing.

She sat and cried until no tears no longer fell. She needed to clear her head. A walk over the bridge in the moonlight might do her some good.

She left her home still thinking about what to do. She reached the bridge walkway and started climbing upward to look over the rushing water below.

She reached the top, leaned on railway and started to cry again. This was the place he first professed his love for her.
She dried her eyes and looked into the water. A mirage of his face appeared to hover on the waves.

“I’ll say anything…almost anything….except goodbye….” she heard him serenade her.

She took off her shoes, climbed up onto the railing, took a deep breathe and thought,

“I have made my decision to jump…
All I need to do is take the action”


Karma With Wheels

A criminal rarely turns himself in. It is even stranger when a man walks into a police station, demands to talk to someone in charge, and gives him a hand written, signed confession to every crime he has ever committed.

“The kid in the wheelchair said that if I ever wanted a chance to really live, I had to come clean. So here I am.” He told the detective.

The detective did not have patience for whack jobs. It was not the first time he had seen someone confess, but usually the confessor was on some sort of hallucinogen and the voices told him to do it. The sincerity and odd honest look from deep within his eyes gave him a gut feeling that this guy wasn’t high or crazy.

The detective went to his superiors for advice. The advice he got was-

“If you want to check out some of his story. Put him in a holding cell and get it done. If you can’t find any merit to it have him checked out by county psyche and turn him loose.”

He took the guy to the holding cell and said, “I’m gonna check these claims of yours out. I hope you’re not jerking my chain. I don’t even like my grand kids jerking my chain” and locked the steel door.

“I am not lying about my crimes. The kid in the wheelchair has made an honest man out of me. I’m done with who I was.”

The detective went back to his desk and started a data search through his computer to see if his crimes were factual or fictional. To his surprise he received a hit on each address. It would. in fact, be the easiest arrest he ever made. A total of 10 unsolved crimes could be cleared….pending print match and line up identification.

He returned to the holding cell for a conversation and to ask a few questions.

“I have done a computer check of your claims. They all check out so far. If they completely check out, you will be going away for a long time. The charges I can possibly hit you with are as follows-

3 counts of burglary of habitation
1 count murder
2 counts attempted murder
1 count grand theft auto
2 counts assault
1 count assault with a deadly weapon
You also have $1500 in unpaid parking violations, but you knew that since you confessed to those also. First question is why? You hadn’t been caught and in all honesty probably wouldn’t have been caught……what’s the deal?”

“I told you man, the kid in the wheelchair…”

The detective interrupted.”You have said that twice since you waltzed into the police station, tell me about this kid in the wheelchair.”

The man walked up to the cell bars and began to talk.

“I was casing out a job in the suburbs. Just a run of the mill robbery of some rich folks….it’s not on the list because I never finished the job…never took a thing.”

He continued,

” I figured out their schedule and knew they were always gone Wednesday night from 6-10. The deal was on. I put on my usual black clothes, got my lock picking tools, duffel bags, and my .357 Magnum. I thought I didn’t need the gun, but old habits are hard to break. I made sure it was loaded and headed for the back door.”

“I don’t suppose your gun is registered?” asked the detective

“Yes it is. To someone I don’t know. Can I continue?…… It was the easiest house I ever broke into. No dogs, no alarms…no problem. As I was loading up my bags with the silverware and coin collection I found. I heard a squeaking in the hall. I pulled out my gun, turned the corner and there he was. The kid in the wheelchair.”

“The entire time I cased the house, I never knew a kid was there, but there he was. He wheeled up to me, looked me in the eye and said,

“Why are you doing this.”

“I pointed my gun at him, cocked it and told him I ain’t left no witnesses before and I ain’t starting now I will shoot you in the face! He didn’t even flinch.”

The kid replied, “Look at me…. I’m in a…”

“I don’t have time to ta…”

“I SAID LOOK AT ME!…. I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t walk. I piss myself cuz I can’t get out if the chair fast enough to make it to the bathroom. I will never have a life. You think you taking it away will scare me? It would relieve me. A quick painless death would be a blessing. If you want to end my pain over a few coins, forks and trinkets, pull the f$&^<;ng trigger. My life was over after the car wreck anyway. But you….you can change. I bet you didn't always want to be this way. I bet you had aspirations, dreams, goals of a different life. It can still happen. Just stop. Karma will catch you sooner or later."

He just stared at the kid in the wheelchair and began to bring his weapon back to his side.

"My grandmother used to tell me about karma when I was a child. You saying that now sent a chills own my spine. Today you live. I will put this stuff back and leave. If I hear I'm being looked for I will be back….to kill not steal."

"I'm already dead. Do what you gotta do. I won't tell a soul."


"I left the house and went back home. That karma shit gives me the heebie jeebies. My grandmother used to swear by it. I thought I knew better. Now I fear it will catch up to me. So I came here and here we are."

"Give me the address of the wheelchair kid. I'm gonna check that out too."

"No problem. You tell the kid what I'm doing….tell him he changed me, would ya?"

"Yeah, I'll do that."

The detective went to the house and rang the bell. A woman answered and asked if there was a problem.

He restated the story given to him by the confessor.

She began to lose color and led him into the den to show him some pictures. They were pictures of a boy from infancy to teen years. The last few photos she showed him, the boy was in a wheelchair. This is her story….,

"He was such an active, cheerful boy. He played soccer and was looking forward to playing in college some day. The high school team tryouts were going on. A bit of hazing occurred. He and his best friend were blindfolded and gagged and put into the trunk of a car. The car was parked to scare them a bit. The other boys left to get more beer. They were only gone a few minutes, but in that time the car was stolen. It was later found crashed by the train tracks. His best friend was killed. Our son sustained a broken back and was paralyzed from the waist down. He tried to overcome the tragedy but committed suicide 6 months after leaving the hospital. He has been dead for almost 5 years. We still feel his presence but we have never "seen" him."

The officer thanked them for their time and apologized for any inconvenience. He went back to his computer and back checked the confessors sheet with the time of the car theft from the hazing incident……

They were one and the same.

He wondered if the confessors grandmother would be laughing or crying with this news.

He shook his head and went down to the holding cell to the criminal that karma came with wheels.


Girl, Not Of This World

She looked up at stars from the somewhat comfort of her apartment balcony, and wondered if they would ever come back for her.

She had been placed here on a mission by her planet’s superiors over 4 Earth years ago. She wasn’t the only subject left here, although most of time units that passed she felt like it.

Her goal was simple. She blended into the day to day life of Earth beings, watching and learning their ways. Seeing how they lived, survived, evolved, fought, loved and died. The information she received was passed on to her superiors through the earpiece she wore. It resembled a Bluetooth headset. It recorded everything, stored it and transferred it to the main database at the end of each day cycle. The data from each planetary subject would be compiled and shared with the “Wisdom Runners of the Galaxy” for the purpose of interplanetary evaluation.

She watched a shooting star dart by and thought, ” I wonder how many of these beings made a wish off that one? Always wishing for change…..never creating change…..The answer to the slow demise of their kind is in front of them all the time. Instead they look to prophets, healers, generals and appointed leaders for the answers their hearts already have. The charismatic few that lead this world, care more for power than unity. If only I could….”


Her thoughts were interrupted by her headset.

“You should be in your pod preparing for information transfer. Instead, you think of how to help them change. That is not your purpose. You are to observe. That is all.”

“My time here has changed me. I have begun to care. It was not my intention to….”

“Silence. You have reached the time cycle that all the recruits speak of. Your mission is beginning to suffer because of it. The Wisdom Runners are well aware of the perils that come about on a journey of this sort. The humans are generally a kind and awe inspiring species. It is easy to stray from your purpose and fall into their ways. You must recommit yourself to our agenda. We can’t afford to have another rogue running about their planet…….”

“Another rogue? Who is this that you speak of?”

“The one who figured out the secret to stopping their indefinite peril. He thinks he can change them. What he doesn’t know is all recruits are fitted with a chip. This chip allows us to control any information he gives out. We have allowed him to spread our message of divinity and survival. But only in a way that they will understand. It is through the avenue they call music that they feel, understand and communicate freely. He was allowed to be one of them. A musician he calls himself. He released our message in their calendar year of nineteen hundred and eighty nine. It is now many years later and things are no better. In some ways worse. If you retreat to your pod I will send the message for you to be reminded of what we are and what they, as a whole, may never be.”

She went inside and stepped into her information transfer chamber. The door slowly closed and sealed. She hooked the transfer cord into headset.The voice said press the following link to engage rogue transmission-

Let Love Rule

The rogue began to serenade……

Soon after she drifted into a deep sleep.

Upon awakening she went back out to her balcony. She opened the sliding glass door and was hit with a wave of sound distractions

-law enforcement sirens
-billboards with “celebrities and politicians”

All distinct reminders of her talk with the wisdom runner. She faded back inside and thought, “If they would just set aside all the boundaries and walls used to separate themselves from each other. They just might see the love that would make them all free.”

She looked out the balcony door into the sunlight and said aloud, “I just want to go home.”


The Day The Laughter Died

The constant badgering never stopped. It wasn’t his fault that his clothes were hand me downs and that his belt was 2 sizes too big, always flapping on his side when he walked. His parents did the best they could. He appreciated it by doing the best he could in school and tried to ignore the bullying. He didn’t complain, at least not verbally to anyone. It just built up inside like a kettle waiting to boil. What else was he supposed to do?

He didn’t want to be a snitch or a tattle tale. It had happened for so long that he was too old to be a cry baby about it. Besides, his parents had taught him to be the bigger man and turn the other cheek. Sooner or later they would get tired of picking on him in move on to someone else. At least that is what he had hoped for.

“When’s the flood, four eyes?”
“You wash your clothes in a pig pen?”
“Willy Wonka called….he’s looking for a replacement oompa loompa….he asked for your number!”

They just point and laugh. All of them. He had no outlet. No one to talk to. No one to listen.

On the way home one day, a kid he had never seen before, stopped to talk to him.

“Hey, you want them to stop bothering you?”

“Are you talking to me?”

“No one else around is there?”

“N-n-no. But no one talks to me…..ever.”

“Well, today must be your lucky day. I have something for you. It won’t make you cooler, better looking, or stronger….but it will make them leave you alone.”

He reaches into his pocket and brings out a shiny stone.

“How is a polished black onyx gonna do anything?”

“It’s not just a polished onyx. It’s a wishing stone. If you use it wisely it will make all your troubles go away.”

“Thanks, I don’t believe in magic. It’s not real.”

“I like you. When you need it, it will work. Trust me. I talked to you when no one else would, didn’t I? Just take it. No charge. You can thank me later.”


“Yeah….when all your troubles go away. Gotta go kid. C ya when I c ya.”

The kid walked around the corner and out of sight. He looked at the stone. He shouldn’t have taken anything from someone he didn’t know. He wanted to give it back….what if it was stolen? He hurried up to the corner and made the turn. The kid was gone. Vanished into thin air.

He looked back at the stone.

“Maybe it will come in handy…”

Having the stone gave him a renewed confidence. He stood a little taller. Walked with a little strut. He didn’t know why. He just felt better.

He walked to school the next day with stone in hand and a big smile on his face.

The bullies were hanging out in the parking lot waiting for him. Another day to pick on the small, fat kid. Today, they were particularly relentless….

“What do you cut your hair with a weed whacker?”

“You smell like urine. Did you forget to change your diaper.”

“Hey kid….”


They didn’t. They came at him in a pack. Verbal warfare was over. It had escalated to physical embarrassment. they held him down and began to administer the ultimate wedgie. His underwear was pulled up toward his spine with great rage and force. All he heard was laughter from every direction.

He did the only thing he could do. He gripped the stone so tight his nails drew blood on his palm and made a wish….

“I wish they would all just disappear” he shouted within this own head.

He immediately was dropped to his knees and was surrounded by complete silence.

No more laughter.

He wiped the tears from his eyes, got up and looked around as he tried to untucked his underpants from his crack.

They all disappeared. Everyone. It was as if all of civilization vanished.

As he was trying to comprehend what was going on, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He turned around. The kid that gave him the stone was there……smiling.

“I told you I would be back when all your troubles went away. And here I am. What do you think of my stone now?”

“Everyone is gone….EVERYONE!! That’s not what I wanted. I wanted to be left alone, not LEFT…..ALONE!!”

He just kept smiling…let loose an evil cackle and said,

“You should have been more specific….Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for….cuz you just might get it?….who do you think that came from? Don’t worry about thanking me….the look on your face is all the thanks I need.”

Before he could reply, the kid faded to smoke and left him alone….just as he had wished.


Family Ties-Mom’s Version

I called my Mom this evening. Usually we talk about her and I, the weather, her grand kids, Broncos Football and the like.

Tonight must have been by lucky night.

The topic of conversation was my 4 other siblings. Your basic family gossip column as seen by the Queen Bee of the hive.

Before I get into the gossip, I need to remind you, the reader, about me, the blogger.

– I am second oldest of 5 kids
– I have been clean and sober for almost 6 years

Those 2 facts set the stage for the conversation.

Here is the sibling rundown as seen by my Mom

Let’s begin with my oldest brother

– he smokes pot and drinks alcohol with his 2 oldest sons.

“There not even old enough to drink, you know….maybe you should talk to them.”

” Him or the kids, Mom?”

“All of them.”

-they are having to move…..again.

“I really think they move more than we ever did when your Father was drinking so much….”

Sibling 2- my younger brother

– needs to renew his license

” His drivers license?”

” No, he has one of those medical marijuana licenses. He duped his Dr. Into getting him one when he broke his arm last year. It’s legal in Colorado , you know. Now, he just sits around in his garage and gets stoned and drinks beer all day. Maybe you should talk to him, he would listen to you.”

“He is over 40 years old, Mom”

Sibling 3 younger brother

“He finally got a job with benefits. You wouldn’t believe it…it’s in the women’s department of a fancy department store. Now everyone will know. I didn’t know they let men work in the women’s department. Maybe now he will quit drinking and going to those damn dance clubs all night. I know he does more than drinking….maybe you should talk to him.”

“Mom, everyone knows he’s gay. He has been in a relationship with he same guy for 13 years. Me talking to him won’t make him less gay…”

“Not about that. Talk to him about drugs and alcohol.”

“ummm….he is over 30 years old….I think he knows.”

“You could at least try.”

Sibling 4 my younger sister

” She is probably not going to get married this year. They might be eloping. I just hope I’m invited. I see pictures of her and her boyfriend on that Facebook drinking in every bar known to man. No wonder, they are eloping they can’t stop partying long enough to set a date……Maybe you should talk to her.”

Finally I get a word in.

“Mom, just because I stopped doing drugs and drinking does not mean everyone else has to. They know how I was and how I am now. I can’t make them do anything.”

“Well, you could at least try. I have, they never listen to me. I’m just afraid they are going to turn out just like you… know what I mean, before you stopped, not now.”

“Yes, Mom…I know. Look, I will give them a call and see what’s up. That is all I can do.”



Confessions of a Closet Monster

September 2, 2012-4 am

Dear Diary,

Being a closet monster ain’t like it used to be. I’m giving serious thought to trimming my claws and sending my scare tactics out to pasture. I remember when I started out on this journey, straight out of the Fear Academy, the future was bright for we, the bringers of the fear…… By bright, I mean we were given all the tools we needed to scare the piss out of adolescents the world over. Sometimes by just making the closet door eerily, slowly squeak open. Simple yet quite effective. When that ceased to get the little brats hair to stand on end, the claws on the side of the doorway and a peeking of glowing eye sockets got their urine flowing unexpectedly. My dead heart would get great joy from the aromatic whiff of freshly stained bed sheets.

Sadly times have changed. The kids have changed. The Fear Academy had its doors shut long ago. My species is dying out. When children cease to be afraid….we cease to be relevant and disappear.

Once they became more afraid to go to school, church or even to those picture shows…we became irrelevant.

Fear in the mind of imagination is no longer scary. It is the fear of the daily reality in their world that has brought fear that I, for one, cannot compete with.

Kids killing kids. Guns are more real that I have ever been. I have become afraid to creep out of the closet. In fear that I may be a victim of their rage…..

A scared closet monster. That is the reality of my existence. My soon to be extinct existence.

If I am too scared to be scary, then I have become a monster to my own profession.

Of course, I keep these thoughts to myself. The few of my kind that are left need to keep strong. Somewhere out there, beyond the closet door, there is a child who believes that it is safe to turn off the lights after their parents have tucked them into bed.

It is that simple premise that baits me to keep my claws sharp and my tactics fresh.