M ss ng Person5- Conclus on

Just as he passed through the open door, it was slammed shut and he was struck near his kidneys with the electric shock from a stun gun.


His body shook violently from the blast. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, bouncing his head off the floor and passed out.

He awoke some time later but couldn’t move his arms or legs. That was probably due to he fact he was tied to a chair.

He shook his head to clear his vision and looked up. He winced from the pain in his head and had a baffled look on his face when across from him, sat the chief of police, smiling ear to ear, with a tazer in one hand and a confession awaiting a signature in the other.

——–the Conclus on begins———

He adjusted his eyes to make sure he was seeing what he was indeed seeing. As he opened his mouth to speak the Chief interrupted,

“You look a bit…puzzled…SURPRISE!”

“You are the cause of all the disappearances? Leaving the cryptic “i” and bringing me back from my own appointed exile?” He asked

“Yup, that would be me. Truth be told I never expected you to give up on the case in Massachusetts. You called my bluff so I carried on here in Texas. You refused to come to me, so I came to you.” The chief smugly replied

“You are the Chief of Police……what were you there?”

” Same. Just in another jurisdiction than you were. I became tired of getting no glory. You and your “puzzle solving” took all the headlines. I began to use what I call reverse police techniques to test how good you really are. With only the clues I left, you solved nothing….you didn’t even know about the “i” until I started up here in Texas. They are always looking for experienced officers in Texas, with my credentials I jumped in the chance to follow you.”The Chief stated rather annoyingly and continued,

“I am now done with you. I have a full confession written in your precious block letters awaiting your John Hancock. It holds the location of all the bodies, how YOU committed the crimes and why. I have to find someone else to play with this game is done.”

The Chief began to push the paper over in front of him then stopped. Reconsidered his options and said,

“You know what, I’ve got time for one more missing person. Since your car is here, I believe I will use it to further implicate you. Nobody’s perfect right? You aren’t going anywhere. Stay put puzzle man” the chief said as he turned to leave.

The warehouse door closed and he heard his engine start up and leave the area.

He did have one thing in his favor. He may have been tied up but he also was cursed with small hands. In this instance it was a blessing. With a few tugs and pulls he was able to get himself free. He began to look around for some sort of weapon to use upon the Chief’s return. He did find a foot long piece of steel pipe, which should work nicely, he returned to his chair and looped the rope around his legs, and held the rope with the pipe behind his back to lie in wait for his return.

The Chief drive around looking for his next target. It had to be the right scenario to enable the car to be seen on camera during the abduction.

He found his mark at a familiar spot. The town gym had parking lot cameras that recorded 24/7. He pulled in and waited for the time to strike.

After 15 minutes, he smiled. There she was. Petite, easy target. He flashed his badge and asked her to come over to ask a few questions. She reached the vehicle. As she leaned in to the front window….


He tazered her and she went down. He got out, spray painted an “i” on the road and cuffed her and placed her in the trunk of the car and sped off toward the warehouse.

He heard his car pull up, the trunk open and a short scuffle outside. When the door opened he saw the Chief and a woman in cuffs enter.

The Chief had his gun pointed at the woman as he removed the cuffs and said,

“All I need you to do Lady is scratch the shit out of the guy in the chair. Then your pain will be over. His DNA will be under your nails. That will be all the evidence needed to tie him to your demise as well as the demise of the others.”

He tried to stop her from his chair by saying, ” No wait…”

The Chief shifted his gun toward the man in the chair and the Lady reacted by lunging a straight right kick to the Chief’s jaw. He dropped the gun as it went off. She pounced on the Chief with another roundhouse kick to the gut and a chop to the throat.

He got up from the chair dropped the pipe, grabbed the gun and pointed it at the Chief. He looked at the Lady and said, “What the hell was that?”

“I have been the Texas Amateur Kickboxing Champion 2 years in a row. He caught me with a tazer after my last class. When I saw my shot I took it….I don’t like being tazed.”

“I guess not….You just knocked out the Chief of Police who has been moonlighting as a serial killer for over 5 years.”

“Wow,” she said as she rubbed where she was tazered,”do I win a trip to Disneyland…”

He smiled, let out a little laugh and said,

“No, but we both get to live to fight another day.”



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