Karma With Wheels

by good2begone

A criminal rarely turns himself in. It is even stranger when a man walks into a police station, demands to talk to someone in charge, and gives him a hand written, signed confession to every crime he has ever committed.

“The kid in the wheelchair said that if I ever wanted a chance to really live, I had to come clean. So here I am.” He told the detective.

The detective did not have patience for whack jobs. It was not the first time he had seen someone confess, but usually the confessor was on some sort of hallucinogen and the voices told him to do it. The sincerity and odd honest look from deep within his eyes gave him a gut feeling that this guy wasn’t high or crazy.

The detective went to his superiors for advice. The advice he got was-

“If you want to check out some of his story. Put him in a holding cell and get it done. If you can’t find any merit to it have him checked out by county psyche and turn him loose.”

He took the guy to the holding cell and said, “I’m gonna check these claims of yours out. I hope you’re not jerking my chain. I don’t even like my grand kids jerking my chain” and locked the steel door.

“I am not lying about my crimes. The kid in the wheelchair has made an honest man out of me. I’m done with who I was.”

The detective went back to his desk and started a data search through his computer to see if his crimes were factual or fictional. To his surprise he received a hit on each address. It would. in fact, be the easiest arrest he ever made. A total of 10 unsolved crimes could be cleared….pending print match and line up identification.

He returned to the holding cell for a conversation and to ask a few questions.

“I have done a computer check of your claims. They all check out so far. If they completely check out, you will be going away for a long time. The charges I can possibly hit you with are as follows-

3 counts of burglary of habitation
1 count murder
2 counts attempted murder
1 count grand theft auto
2 counts assault
1 count assault with a deadly weapon
You also have $1500 in unpaid parking violations, but you knew that since you confessed to those also. First question is why? You hadn’t been caught and in all honesty probably wouldn’t have been caught……what’s the deal?”

“I told you man, the kid in the wheelchair…”

The detective interrupted.”You have said that twice since you waltzed into the police station, tell me about this kid in the wheelchair.”

The man walked up to the cell bars and began to talk.

“I was casing out a job in the suburbs. Just a run of the mill robbery of some rich folks….it’s not on the list because I never finished the job…never took a thing.”

He continued,

” I figured out their schedule and knew they were always gone Wednesday night from 6-10. The deal was on. I put on my usual black clothes, got my lock picking tools, duffel bags, and my .357 Magnum. I thought I didn’t need the gun, but old habits are hard to break. I made sure it was loaded and headed for the back door.”

“I don’t suppose your gun is registered?” asked the detective

“Yes it is. To someone I don’t know. Can I continue?…… It was the easiest house I ever broke into. No dogs, no alarms…no problem. As I was loading up my bags with the silverware and coin collection I found. I heard a squeaking in the hall. I pulled out my gun, turned the corner and there he was. The kid in the wheelchair.”

“The entire time I cased the house, I never knew a kid was there, but there he was. He wheeled up to me, looked me in the eye and said,

“Why are you doing this.”

“I pointed my gun at him, cocked it and told him I ain’t left no witnesses before and I ain’t starting now I will shoot you in the face! He didn’t even flinch.”

The kid replied, “Look at me…. I’m in a…”

“I don’t have time to ta…”

“I SAID LOOK AT ME!…. I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t walk. I piss myself cuz I can’t get out if the chair fast enough to make it to the bathroom. I will never have a life. You think you taking it away will scare me? It would relieve me. A quick painless death would be a blessing. If you want to end my pain over a few coins, forks and trinkets, pull the f$&^<;ng trigger. My life was over after the car wreck anyway. But you….you can change. I bet you didn't always want to be this way. I bet you had aspirations, dreams, goals of a different life. It can still happen. Just stop. Karma will catch you sooner or later."

He just stared at the kid in the wheelchair and began to bring his weapon back to his side.

"My grandmother used to tell me about karma when I was a child. You saying that now sent a chills own my spine. Today you live. I will put this stuff back and leave. If I hear I'm being looked for I will be back….to kill not steal."

"I'm already dead. Do what you gotta do. I won't tell a soul."


"I left the house and went back home. That karma shit gives me the heebie jeebies. My grandmother used to swear by it. I thought I knew better. Now I fear it will catch up to me. So I came here and here we are."

"Give me the address of the wheelchair kid. I'm gonna check that out too."

"No problem. You tell the kid what I'm doing….tell him he changed me, would ya?"

"Yeah, I'll do that."

The detective went to the house and rang the bell. A woman answered and asked if there was a problem.

He restated the story given to him by the confessor.

She began to lose color and led him into the den to show him some pictures. They were pictures of a boy from infancy to teen years. The last few photos she showed him, the boy was in a wheelchair. This is her story….,

"He was such an active, cheerful boy. He played soccer and was looking forward to playing in college some day. The high school team tryouts were going on. A bit of hazing occurred. He and his best friend were blindfolded and gagged and put into the trunk of a car. The car was parked to scare them a bit. The other boys left to get more beer. They were only gone a few minutes, but in that time the car was stolen. It was later found crashed by the train tracks. His best friend was killed. Our son sustained a broken back and was paralyzed from the waist down. He tried to overcome the tragedy but committed suicide 6 months after leaving the hospital. He has been dead for almost 5 years. We still feel his presence but we have never "seen" him."

The officer thanked them for their time and apologized for any inconvenience. He went back to his computer and back checked the confessors sheet with the time of the car theft from the hazing incident……

They were one and the same.

He wondered if the confessors grandmother would be laughing or crying with this news.

He shook his head and went down to the holding cell to the criminal that karma came with wheels.