Girl, Not Of This World

She looked up at stars from the somewhat comfort of her apartment balcony, and wondered if they would ever come back for her.

She had been placed here on a mission by her planet’s superiors over 4 Earth years ago. She wasn’t the only subject left here, although most of time units that passed she felt like it.

Her goal was simple. She blended into the day to day life of Earth beings, watching and learning their ways. Seeing how they lived, survived, evolved, fought, loved and died. The information she received was passed on to her superiors through the earpiece she wore. It resembled a Bluetooth headset. It recorded everything, stored it and transferred it to the main database at the end of each day cycle. The data from each planetary subject would be compiled and shared with the “Wisdom Runners of the Galaxy” for the purpose of interplanetary evaluation.

She watched a shooting star dart by and thought, ” I wonder how many of these beings made a wish off that one? Always wishing for change…..never creating change…..The answer to the slow demise of their kind is in front of them all the time. Instead they look to prophets, healers, generals and appointed leaders for the answers their hearts already have. The charismatic few that lead this world, care more for power than unity. If only I could….”


Her thoughts were interrupted by her headset.

“You should be in your pod preparing for information transfer. Instead, you think of how to help them change. That is not your purpose. You are to observe. That is all.”

“My time here has changed me. I have begun to care. It was not my intention to….”

“Silence. You have reached the time cycle that all the recruits speak of. Your mission is beginning to suffer because of it. The Wisdom Runners are well aware of the perils that come about on a journey of this sort. The humans are generally a kind and awe inspiring species. It is easy to stray from your purpose and fall into their ways. You must recommit yourself to our agenda. We can’t afford to have another rogue running about their planet…….”

“Another rogue? Who is this that you speak of?”

“The one who figured out the secret to stopping their indefinite peril. He thinks he can change them. What he doesn’t know is all recruits are fitted with a chip. This chip allows us to control any information he gives out. We have allowed him to spread our message of divinity and survival. But only in a way that they will understand. It is through the avenue they call music that they feel, understand and communicate freely. He was allowed to be one of them. A musician he calls himself. He released our message in their calendar year of nineteen hundred and eighty nine. It is now many years later and things are no better. In some ways worse. If you retreat to your pod I will send the message for you to be reminded of what we are and what they, as a whole, may never be.”

She went inside and stepped into her information transfer chamber. The door slowly closed and sealed. She hooked the transfer cord into headset.The voice said press the following link to engage rogue transmission-

Let Love Rule

The rogue began to serenade……

Soon after she drifted into a deep sleep.

Upon awakening she went back out to her balcony. She opened the sliding glass door and was hit with a wave of sound distractions

-law enforcement sirens
-billboards with “celebrities and politicians”

All distinct reminders of her talk with the wisdom runner. She faded back inside and thought, “If they would just set aside all the boundaries and walls used to separate themselves from each other. They just might see the love that would make them all free.”

She looked out the balcony door into the sunlight and said aloud, “I just want to go home.”



23 thoughts on “Girl, Not Of This World

    • She could affect the humans. The negative connotations of “aliens” that are abundant in our society, make it impossible for it to happen. The observation mission continues until the negatives no longer exist. At least that is my take.

  1. secretkichi says:

    A commentary on the human condition disguised as fiction…love it!

    But oh, Lenny ain’t the only rogue alien running around. There are lots of them but most of them have been called lunatics, eccentrics, or delusional by the rest of the “normal” world :p

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