Family Ties-Mom’s Version

by good2begone

I called my Mom this evening. Usually we talk about her and I, the weather, her grand kids, Broncos Football and the like.

Tonight must have been by lucky night.

The topic of conversation was my 4 other siblings. Your basic family gossip column as seen by the Queen Bee of the hive.

Before I get into the gossip, I need to remind you, the reader, about me, the blogger.

– I am second oldest of 5 kids
– I have been clean and sober for almost 6 years

Those 2 facts set the stage for the conversation.

Here is the sibling rundown as seen by my Mom

Let’s begin with my oldest brother

– he smokes pot and drinks alcohol with his 2 oldest sons.

“There not even old enough to drink, you know….maybe you should talk to them.”

” Him or the kids, Mom?”

“All of them.”

-they are having to move…..again.

“I really think they move more than we ever did when your Father was drinking so much….”

Sibling 2- my younger brother

– needs to renew his license

” His drivers license?”

” No, he has one of those medical marijuana licenses. He duped his Dr. Into getting him one when he broke his arm last year. It’s legal in Colorado , you know. Now, he just sits around in his garage and gets stoned and drinks beer all day. Maybe you should talk to him, he would listen to you.”

“He is over 40 years old, Mom”

Sibling 3 younger brother

“He finally got a job with benefits. You wouldn’t believe it…it’s in the women’s department of a fancy department store. Now everyone will know. I didn’t know they let men work in the women’s department. Maybe now he will quit drinking and going to those damn dance clubs all night. I know he does more than drinking….maybe you should talk to him.”

“Mom, everyone knows he’s gay. He has been in a relationship with he same guy for 13 years. Me talking to him won’t make him less gay…”

“Not about that. Talk to him about drugs and alcohol.”

“ummm….he is over 30 years old….I think he knows.”

“You could at least try.”

Sibling 4 my younger sister

” She is probably not going to get married this year. They might be eloping. I just hope I’m invited. I see pictures of her and her boyfriend on that Facebook drinking in every bar known to man. No wonder, they are eloping they can’t stop partying long enough to set a date……Maybe you should talk to her.”

Finally I get a word in.

“Mom, just because I stopped doing drugs and drinking does not mean everyone else has to. They know how I was and how I am now. I can’t make them do anything.”

“Well, you could at least try. I have, they never listen to me. I’m just afraid they are going to turn out just like you… know what I mean, before you stopped, not now.”

“Yes, Mom…I know. Look, I will give them a call and see what’s up. That is all I can do.”