Hi Ho The Dairy O

My wife and I went to an afternoon meeting today. We usually get there early so we can fellowship and catch up with friends. Besides us, there were a couple of other women and one other man.

Here is how the conversation went….

“Looks like you got a new tattoo on your wrist, can I see it.” says my wife.

“Sure, check it out.” He begins. He turns his wrist over and says, ” It’s the melting clock, by Salvador Dali”


“Salvador Dali? Isn’t that the guy who runs the dairy outside of town?” Chimes female #2.

“No silly, that’s Mr. Salvatore…..Salvador Dali is that bald guy who wears the robe and meditates all the time…” Rings female #3


“Ughh….NO NO NO!! That’s the Dalai Lama. Salvador Dali isn’t the dairy guy or the meditation dude….he is the surrealist painter with the slicked back hair and the handlebar mustache!” I frustratingly reply.


“Handlebar mustache…..isn’t that the guy who was a pitcher for some baseball team?….I think it was he had slicked back hair too. I had no idea he was a painter! What a catch he must have been. Where am I when all these talented men are around?”


“Are you serious,lady??? That was Rolle Fingers, not Salvador Dali, not the Dalai Lama, he doesn’t own a dairy, he….he….he….never mind….I’m going inside.” I look back at the new tattoo guy and say-

” Never….ever show off a new tattoo again.”


4 thoughts on “Hi Ho The Dairy O

  1. OMG – I hope you just made this up. I have a 35 year old man who lives in my 13 year old son’s body. (ie he’s really 13 but if you met him via the internet or something you’d think he was a really funny, crabby 35 year old. The combination’s a bit tough on all of us.) Anyhow, he’s convinced that 13 year olds “these days” are particularly stupid because they don’t know anything. I keep trying to tell him that most people don’t know anything and never had. I think he’s holding out hope that it will get better. I’m not sure if I should show this to him so he can start the grieving process or not.

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