Q without the A

The following are a list of questions, asked by my stepchildren over the last 4 years….

Can we get a goat?

What good is reading when everything is made into a movie?

Is that a whale I just heard? (we live in the center of Texas)

Does anyone make saddles for horseflies?

How come we don’t have a helicopter?

Can I get a rat?

Do chickens know how to sneeze?

Can I be a rapper?

Does a zebra have black stripes or white stripes?

Can I have a credit card?

What does junk in the trunk mean?

Can I stay over at my girlfriend’s tonight? (asked the 15 year old)

Do you know any ninjas?

Isn’t the mustache I’m growing sweet?
(2 hairs above the lip that I needed a magnifying glass to be able to see)

Why do I need to learn to tell time when there is a clock on my phone?

Do I have swag?


So many questions….I held my usually quick reacting sarcastic tongue and just stared in bewilderment.

Child pictured is of the Google origin not of my origin.


5 thoughts on “Q without the A

  1. runningonsober says:

    Oh my gosh, I am rolling with laughter here!

    (Should I confess that I wonder the same things, only I’m 34- ish?)

    I’m in West Texas myself and often hear mysterious whale sounds. I think it must be a big conspiracy.

    Love the total unrestrained curiosity through a child’s eyes.

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