Nap Wisdom

by good2begone

I like eavesdropping. Knowledge is gained with little effort. That is an “I can do” sort of activity.

On the construction site today, I listened in on a conversation between 3 females. We are finishing up the job. They are getting back into the building.

“Have you heard? The kindergartners don’t get naptime anymore.”


“I hear they are way to energetic and refuse to nap when the time comes.”

“So they just took naptime away?”

“Yes. I remember when I was younger I had a hard time napping too, but they made us.”

” Me too, now that I’m older, I love taking a nap. It refreshes me for the rest of the day. They are gonna regret it later.”


The job- adding a room onto the music room at a middle school.

The females- 3 twelve year olds at end of summer band camp.

The moral- I was just reminded by children to hold on to the simple things that make life easier.


Napping…it’s not just for small children.