The Water Broke

by good2begone

Basic knowledge of how a bathtub faucet works does not take a Masters Degree. Basic letter variation between the “H” and the “C” usually is a pretty good sign of the type of water desired.

H = Hot
C = Cold

By utilizing the twist motion of the knob, the temperature of water will vary between the 2 ends of the spectrum.

Self explanatory…. So I thought.

But I am a stepfather of a 15 year old boy. Basic function of commonly used household items is not only difficult it is practically biochemical engineering.

2 a day football practice began at the high school today. Upon returning for the second part of the 2 a day, he decided he needed to take an ice bath to help his aching muscles.

Lucky for him I had just purchased a 10 lb. bag of ice to take to work tomorrow.
Figuring he had this monumental task under control, his Mother and I left to take a walk.

We were enjoying our walk and catching up on our day. In the distance we see our precious son high tailing it for us on his bike.

“Mom, the cold water is broken. It’s not working. did you all forget to pay the bill?”

We both roll our eyes, shake our heads and ask, “What happened?”

“Well, I went in to take an ice bath…..cuz you know my muscles are sore from that brutal practice today and…”

“Brutal?” I interject. “It was the first day. How rough could it have been?”

“Whatever, it was rough. Anyway, I put the ice in and turned on the water…..”

Our heads drop to a new low.

” and no cold water came out…only warm. I think it’s broken.”

“So you basically wasted my bag of ice?….do you think ice grows on trees?”

He retorts, “No….it grows in the freezer.”

“Ugh….So, you put the ice in BEFORE you checked to see if the water was cold. Therefore, melting the ice and rendering the ice bath useless.”

“It’s not my fault that you all didn’t leave me instructions!!!!”

Finally….a statement I cannot contradict.