Is vs. Should be

by good2begone

Marketing slogans in print ads and commercials are used to attract customers. In my extensive career as a consumer of products being sold, I have learned that there is rarely full disclosure of truth in them.

Here are a few companies with slogans attached-

Home Depot- You can do it, we can help.

McDonald’s- Gotta love it!

Staples-That was easy

I’m sure that these catchy phrases helped them rake in the dough. Unfortunately for them, I have used their services and have my own slogans that may not be bankrollers, but they would fully contain “truth in advertising”

Home Depot- You can do it, now pay for your crap and get out. I’m late for my break.

McDonald’s- Gotta love it….just don’t utilize us for every meal 30 days in a row…….cuz that would be bad.

Staples- It would be easy for me to assist you, but I’m 16 and my manager is in the back playing Dungeons and Dragons. So until he gets back, I’m just gonna say big technological terms to distract you from realizing that I am as lost as you are….except I get minimum wage for doing it and you just get angry.


To be fair, I will list one company that I believe is fully truthful in their slogan. I will just take their word for it though.

Stinky Steve’s Septic and Grease

” We’re #1 in the #2 business ”