The King of Fashion Advice

I have no fashion sense. I do not pretend that I do. My typical wardrobe consists of-

-t shirts
-Converse All Stars high tops

Beyond color combinations of t shirts and shoes, I have about as much knowledge of fashion trends as a hobo.

Having admitted to that. I am a bit miffed that the 2 women in my life, my wife and stepdaughter, come to me with dilemmas of the dressing room kind……well at least 1 of them still does.

My lovely wife usually asks my opinion on her choices on what to wear for work or social events. I am honest and help where I can. She is happy with my assistance whether she uses the advice or not.

My stepdaughter does not appreciate my honesty.

She once came to me with her outfit choice for school. The items she chose were as follows:

-lavender skinny jeans
-black zebra striped top with multi neon color tye dye within the stripes
-a bright yellow belt with a peace sign buckle
-knee high green converse super high tops.

She asked what I thought, with a confident beaming smile.

I replied, “It looks like a bag of Skittles vomited on you”

She stomped out of the room, visibly repulsed by my honesty.

She wore it anyway.

I can still taste the rainbow.



13 thoughts on “The King of Fashion Advice

  1. uniscikill says:

    My wardrobe: t-shirts, jeans, and jackets. My fashion sense: -200 (on a scale of 1-10). So, you’re not alone Mr.OozingHonesty.

  2. charliecountryboy says:

    It must be one of life’s mysteries. My wife does the same. She actually tells me I have no dress sense then, as you say asks my opinion, great post 😉

  3. Psychicquill says:

    Hey, Converse are the bomb. I don’t have the high-tops, I have the cheap One Stars from Target, but trust me. All the really cool people wear Converse.

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