The Cereal Killer

by good2begone

I love the sugary sweet, marshmallowey goodness of breakfast cereal. I could knock out a whole box (crumbs included) in no time. The problem is that with inflation, the fact that I have 2 kids that also indulge in the massacre of the cereal kind, and brand names are freaking expensive to begin with, I have to consume the lesser known brands….the cheap knock offs…..the coulda beens.

Here is a short list of my favorite name brands-

Cap’n Crunch
Boo Berry
Lucky Charms
Sugar Smacks

Here are their counterparts that I purchase. To their credit they have 50% more product and are about 30% cheaper.

-Private 1st Class Cruncherz
-Scary Berry
-Super Special Stuff from my Pocket with MARSHMELLOWS
– Bitch Please

The last item is only a limited time cereal but is one of my favorites. The frog slapping a dragonfly on the cover of the box is a eye pleaser.

I’m sure once the economy gets better, I will go back to the brands from my childhood.

Until then….

Bitch Please will be a staple.