Hide and Seek….to Death

The card that was slipped under the door of the hotel room had one word on it.


It was written in fancy cursive and raised a little off the paper. The word glistened.

My Dad turned the card over. On the back it said,

To compete, be in front of the hotel at 9 pm.

That was all.

My Dad read it, raised his brow and said, “I’m intrigued. You feel like seeing what this is all about?”

” Sounds cool. Like a mystery movie or something. Let’s do it!!”

We ventured out to the front of the hotel and sat on the bench and waited.
My digital calculator/watch said 8:57 pm.

At precisely 9 pm a really long, dark, black limousine pulled in front of the hotel. The expressionless driver got out and came over to the passenger side of the luxury car. It had to be our ride. He wore a t- shirt with one word on it-


My Dad shrugged his shoulders and said, “I guess this is for us. Time to go.”

We got in. The door closed. The driver returned to the driver’s seat and started the car.

The limo was cool. Lots of buttons, compartments, fancy stuff. My Dad rode in silence as I opened and closed pretty much everything.

After what seemed like forever, the car stopped. Our door was opened. We got out into what seemed like a parking lot…only it was filled with limos. The biggest mansion I had ever seen was at the other end. The driver motioned us to head toward the house.

We got to the house and rang the bell. It echoed loudly….like a scary movie.
I looked up at my Dad and smiled with anticipation.

The door opened. Another man stood there wearing a t-shirt with that one word on it.


He led us on a tour of the house. It was awesome. Room after room after room of awesomeness. When the tour was over we were led to the dining area where all the other chosen ones were located.

We were fed the meal of Kings. Anything I had ever thought about eating was on the table. It was….awesome.

After dinner. Who I guessed was the host, stood out on top of the spiral staircase and spoke.

“Each of you were sent an invitation to compete. You were “Chosen”. You are here. You will all compete for 1 prize. The winner of the competition will receive the deed to this mansion, all of its belongings, and the grounds which surround it. Each of you is a team comprised of a Father and a Son. You may compete as a team but there will be only 1 winner. The game we will play- Hide and Seek. The winner will be the last one alive. You will be given 1 hour to find your hiding place. Then I will come for you. If found, you will die. Your hour begins…….Now.”

The scrambling began. Father’s dragging sons to find there place of hiding. Inside….outside…wherever they could hide.

My Father and I ran outside. He stopped and looked down at me. He then knelt down to look me in the eye and said,

“Son, our best chance to win is to split up. You are smaller and quicker than I am. When we used to play this game I could really never find you. You can win and have all this for yourself. Hide. Win.”

He ran off into the trees. I was left by myself.

The first place I hid was under one of the limos. So many cars. I thought it gave me a shot.

Soon I began to hear short screams in the distance. The hour was up. The seek was on.

I stayed put for I think 4 or 5 screams. I thought they sounded closer each time. I couldn’t stay here.

Death was happening quick. Some of the chosen weren’t lasting very long. But this was the seekers house. He probably knew every hiding place there was!

Open area was no good. I dashed into the house.

I chose the largest, darkest room I could find. And I waited……..and I listened…..

I closed my eyes tight and prayed that my Dad was ok. The screams were now muffled but I could still hear them.

I opened my eyes. Looked out into the room. My heart was racing. I was sweating. Eyes darting back and forth looking for movement.

I thought I saw….I saw…..where am I? Why am I in my pajamas hiding behind the living room couch? I’m not in a strange mansion…. I’m at home…yup, I’m at home. I can hear my Dad snoring.

Stupid nightmare.

I get up from behind the couch. Still watchful….just in case. And go back to bed.

This has been a story of a recurring
dream I have had since childhood. Maybe, since I have finally written about it….it will stop.



10 thoughts on “Hide and Seek….to Death

  1. Say that reminds me… I need to blog about the many sleepwalking escapades of my younger days… ever wake up half naked (well, mostly naked) in the halway of a historical New Orleans hotel and have no idea how you got there? My mom stopped taking me places after that… great post! It WOULD make a great story…

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