Talking to the Walls

My walls and I had a talk. In fact, they had various tidbits of information that I was not aware of. Here is a sampling of things they had to say.

– that poster your stepdaughter put up….it’s to cover up a hole she put in me from a shoe.

– chalkboard paint was not one of your better ideas.

– you cannot hang a picture straight to save your life.

– your step son thinks I’m a drum set

– have you ever even heard of the term “interior decorator”?

After a pause….the personal attacks on me began.

– you in a male stripper thong in no way, shape or form represents bringing sexy back.

– that fight you and your wife had when you stormed out and left for 2 days…that was soooo your fault.

– you should stop playing “air guitar”

– your dogs are plotting against you

-that thing you do…..stop it.

– you probably won’t believe this, but we do not like Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall” as much as you do.

I tried to get a word in edgewise but it was just like talking….to…..a….wall.


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