The Petty File

by good2begone

I am petty. I am not Tom Petty. I am not Richard Petty. I do not reside in Pettycoat Junction. There are small annoyances in my life. When they occur, rather than point them out, I let them boil in my head until I feel like punching a puppy.

I will now point some out to save a puppy from harm.

-finding enough lint in the lint tray of the dryer to knit a turtleneck lint sweater.

-having to dry a load of clothes twice because the before mentioned lint tray has not been emptied.

-having to be a laundry nazi.

– driving behind someone who turns right 10 miles after their blinker is turned on.

-seeing the leave a penny/take a penny tray at the convenience store that has a dime in it.

– “donut” spare tires