He Said/She Said

by good2begone

He said- we need matching couches
She said- we need a sofa and love seat combination that combines the color palette of our living room in order to bring it all together.

He said- I wanna go to dinner and see a flick.
She said- I wanna go buy something nice to wear and make reservations at that fancy French Bistro and then go see that new romantic drama with Tatum Channing. It will be our date night.

He said- I need to buy a new Skil Saw and a mitre saw.
She said- I want you to have your wood cutting thingie toys but if you get them I need to get some stuff so I can help you like a cute pink tool bag with girlie sized tools and pair of fashionable goggles cuz I need them in case you get something in my eye…they are sensitive you know.

He said- I wanna have sex
She said- I need to go to Victoria’s Secret so I can get something sexy and feel desirable for you because I might want to make love….it depends. I need to have the mood right.

He said- how was your day?
She said- oh it was busy. I woke up late and had to rush to get ready. Then I got stuck on traffic and barely made it on time. I had to go to meetings all day because you know they are so unorganized without me. Had a latte with the cutest sprinkles on it at the quaint coffee shop on Beacon St. after lunch. Then back to the office where I found out Betsy is cheating on Marvin….I just can’t believe it. Waiting for Sue to call me with the rest if the details. I just got home before you got here.

She said- How was your day?
He said- fine.