Wabbit Season

by good2begone

Tragedy struck on my way to work today.

There I was minding my own business. Traveling to work to a job site out in the country. DEVO playing on my factory 8 track player in the truck. Grooving to the beat and lyrics of ” Freedom of Choice”, when out of the blanket of trees and brush lining the side of the road a little bunny rabbit darted out in front of me. I has no time to react.

Thud. Crunch. Road kill Cafe now has a lunch special.

My mind wandered and created 2 scenarios of a life cut short and what could have been.

1- said bunny was an escapee from the Easter Forever Training Facility. Underground cult that brain washes young innocent bunnies into a life of hard time manufacturing candies and black market stolen hard boiled colored eggs to be delivered and hidden at various locations on only 1 day a year. All overseen by the chosen one. An extremely large pink not so cute bunny that rules with an iron paw.

I may have saved him from a life of servitude……

2- the Mad Hatter’s minions were once again late for their “tea party”. This little guy was rushing back to the rabbit hole so he could get his fix and to take a gander at that chick Alice who once again has no idea how she got there. He decided to take a shortcut….and got short cut. Ha! See what I did there?

Either way, the lesson I learned from this is there is a reason why there are no jokes about why the rabbit crosses the road.