Funeral Music

by good2begone

Funeral #1 is set for Monday. I will be a pall bearer. I am honored to do this but it is still it’s a little strange.

Here is why.

The recently departed is my stepchildren’s grandmother….on their father’s side. Their father is my wife’s ex husband. I am the children’s stepfather. Married to their mother…who is on my side by the way.

Got it? If not try making a song out if it That might clear things up a bit.

Being how this affects the children greatly…..the funeral not the breakdown of how we are all related to the deceased…..we are involved in all aspects of the funeral.

We have been gathering pictures to make a video type thingie of her life. It has become a pretty standard option for funerals. Along with the video, 2 songs are required to accompany it.

For the purpose of not rambling I will call my wife’s first husband Mr. X.

Mr. X calls our house to ask for help on the music. He has one song but can’t figure out what other one to use. My first question is what song have you picked. I fancy myself as quite the music aficionado. I have made more mix tape/ CD’s than I have made bad decisions. And that is quite a lot.

Choice #1- Born Free by Kid Rock

Before speaking, I had many choices to accompany his choice. Here are a few-

Slow Ride- Foghat
Taking Care of Business- BTO
My Adidas- Run DMC
We’re Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister

All of them great songs, in their own right. None of them appropriate for a funeral. But to my credit, any one of them would sound awesome following Kid Rock’s venture out of rockrap and into country.

Instead of me voicing my choice options to Mr. X, I allowed my wife to.

I will wait for Monday to see how it will play out.