There is always a “light at the end of the tunnel”.

I don’t know who is the Wizard of idioms who came up with this gem but it got me thinking about what it means to me.

Tunnels are not my favorite places to be hanging out in. But if I ever did I would make sure that the lighting was adequate for he purpose of my stay. It would require substantially more than a light at the end of it.

They are typically dark, musty, and a little bit on the freaky side. 6 to 8 legged creatures reside in them and are not too happy to have visitors. Not to mention rats. I have never seen a tunnel rat, a sewer rat or a subway rat but I have read enough stories in the news about them to keep me away from tunnels.

If I were to be in a tunnel and saw a light at what I perceived was the end of it I would not be walking nonchalantly toward it knowing that eventually I would get to it. I would be running toward it, screaming like a 12 year old schoolgirl, arms failing, chest heaving, rat dodging, cobweb breaking, eyes wide hoping the light would get bright enough to signal the end of it, please get me out of here without peeing my pants kind of fear in my head.

Not a very masculine picture I just painted………at all.

Please Mr. Idiom man please make an amendment to this and make it

” there is a light at the end of the amply lit no creepy crawly living in it hallway”.


2 thoughts on “Idiomtastic

  1. working on it says:

    The tunnel to Canada is pretty awesome.except that it is under the Detroit river and leaks…wait did I type that? I’d be freaking out in a tunnel with crawly things too though.

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