Encouraged to apply?

Fm radio does not have the listeners it used to. In the age of satellite, XM and Sirius, Pandora, iPods, and Internet music choices, they have become the minority of the business. I have always been a radio guy. I like local Radio DJ’s and local coverage and the like.
Where I live the variety of stations is limited.

Talk radio

Bubblegum pop



Classic rock

That’s about it.

As I headed to work the other day I was listening to the classic rock station and a commercial came on. When a commercial is on one station they are on all stations so I left it. It was an ad asking for applicants to apply for jobs in marketing and sales for radio and web advertising. It gave standard requirements like


Goal oriented

Sales driven

Blah blah blah

As I was about to change the station. One sentence was uttered that blew my mind.

Minorities and women are “encouraged to apply”.



I may live in Nowheresville, USA, but last time I was allowed out of my bubble I was under the impression that we as a country were past all of that.

I very much dislike the term minority when talking about people. I am not a fan of separating women from men in terms of abilities. In the context of that ad this is what I heard.

We will only hire white males for these positions. Legally we have to have the jobs open to all. So…..please ladies come down and apply. Be sure to leave your apron at home and put on your prettiest bonnet “business dress” and heels and go through the motions. Additionally any “person of color” may come down but please do not bring your doo rags, sombreros, chopsticks, turbans, or any other stereotypical type clothing or attitudes with you. We are a reputable business and we will not stand for it. We state this because we have to but we won’t hire you, but please you are “encouraged to apply”.

Here comes the sarcasm.

A couple of weeks ago I voted. Imagine my surprise when while I was there that women AND minorities were there voting all around me.

Last time I was in a large city I used the transit system and visited various restaurants, I was shocked to be surrounded by both genders and people of all colors and points if origin.

I can’t be for certain, but….there might be women and minorities who actually own their own businesses AND are successful at them…..IN AMERICA!!!
Wow, who knew?

Sarcasm over.

Any other job ad I have heard on the radio uses a simple statement. Equal Opportunity Employer. I’m ok with that. On the context of that, I hear this-

If you meet the qualifications of the job posting. Apply.



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