Opinions are like onions. Maybe that’s why each word is inside the other.

Take your seats, put your phones on silent and we will begin.

1- some like to have them on everything, some don’t.

2- some like to dice them up with everyone around to make them cry.

3- some like to sautée them up with other tidbits of flavor to make them easier to swallow.

4- some like to force them upon you because they know they are good and they want you to know they are good too.

6- some digest what you give them because they want you to like them.

7- each come in layers and have to cut through them to get to the heart of them

8- each have a skin on them. Once you get past it you can smell what’s really going on.

9- each come in different sizes, colors, and flavor depending in personal taste.

And finally

10- each one has a tendency to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Bottom line is learning when an opinion is an onion is a lesson to be learned. Some just can’t stomach them.

Class dismissed.


4 thoughts on “O(pi)NION

  1. working on it says:

    Lesson learned. The only thing I remember from a previous class not taught by you is that opinions are like aholes…everyone has one!

  2. I like your perspective! But for some reason when you mentioned onion my mind went to sherek were that scene with Donkey and saying about the layers and all. i think onions is a good how do I say look at life…it just can describe many things. I am glad I attend this class! ^_^

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