Don’t need a day

by good2begone

The calendar shows different days commemorating special occasions. There seems to be a day for everything.

I would attempt to list them but I will assume that calendars are readily available to most people in one form or another.

Today is Father’s Day. I am a step father. Say what you will, but I count it as one in the same. I aid in raising the 2 children that my wife gave birth to. I do my best to teach them right from wrong, allow them to make their own decisions on choices they make (whether I agree with them or not), be there for them with no strings attached, and show them the love I have for them as often as possible.

I don’t need a day on the calendar to be appreciated as a Father. I receive that every day of the calendar year. Watching the children grow into young adults is a reward in itself. Having their admiration and respect and love is better than a card and a t shirt that says “World’s Best Step Dad”. ( I don’t know if they make cards or shirts for step dads but you get the point).

They have a Father. He is their Dad. I am not here to compete with him nor have I ever been out to prove I could or should be their Dad. I have had the fights with my step son. Where one sentence is uttered in rage. It was true but it hurt none the less…


They don’t call me Dad. They call me by first name. I am content with that. But make no mistake when they are with my wife and I believe that I make a very good “father figure” for them to look up to. We have a wonderful relationship that continues to grow.

I try to be the Father that my Dad was to me and my siblings. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it was bad. Sometimes it was downright ugly. But he was a good man and someone I continue to look to for inspiration on Fatherly things.

He passed away 12 years ago. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him and how he and my Mother raised 5 children without ending up in the looney bin.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.


Every day.