Leave the decade alone

by good2begone

Up until today, I was proud to say that I came of age during thar ’80’s. I took part in making big hair spandex loud obnoxious “metal” music popular. I wasn’t in one of the bands but I bought all the music, went to the concerts and thought that sex, drugs and rock n roll was the lifestyle to be had.
My first concert was Billy Squier at the age of 13. I don’t know of many people who are willing to admit that….but the truth is what it is. From that it escalated at a rapid pace. Some of the bands I saw ( I can’t remember them all) were-

Motley Crüe 3 times
Iron Maiden 3 times
Sammy Hagar/ Van Hagar- 5 times
Night Ranger 2 times
Guns and Roses 1/2 times…..not the ’80’s but hard rock not a full time because they got pissed off and didn’t finish the show.
Def Leppard 4 times

Of all those listed, Def Leppard had the most Walkman playtime. I was fascinated by the band and their history. Their drummer lost an arm in an car accident. He learned to play again with one arm and a special drum kit. They never looked for another drummer. 4 years in-between albums. 2 great albums, by the way. Pyromania and Hysteria. Then their guitarist died from Alcoholism. The band carried on. So much tragedy and they kept going.

Upon seeing a Internet article on a new movie called “Rock of Ages” I got quite excited. The title is from one of the great songs from Pyromania. I thought it was a movie about the rise and tragedy of the band that kept going.

Then I watched the trailer.

An ’80’s karaoke a la Glee style musical extravaganza?????

Tom Cruise as an aging rockstar?????



None of this sounds appealing on any level. Any of the bands who have agreed to let their music be “Glee-a-Fied” for the purpose of more royalties has officially been taken off my iPod.
The ’80’s had enough cheese events attached to it. Can’t we just let the decade stay in the past where it belongs.
I now profess myself as coming of age in the ’90’s!!! That is until Justin Beiber is starring in a musical about the Grunge era.