Instrument of extinction

I have stated

previously that I am a music lover. It has the effect of setting the tone for my day, carrying me thru various moods, and makes my life better.
I don’t have a favorite genre or artist. I listen to it all. The way musicians make their instruments talk and tell stories amazes me.
There is one instrument in particular that I never hear. I know the reason why. It has placed itself out of the music business. Any time I hear it, which isn’t often, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I get a weary chill of terror. There is no substitute for striking fear in the minds of men than this five stringed demon.

I am speaking of the banjo.

The fear comes from a movie that people older than I will remember well. I was only 3 when it was released. I saw it when I was a teen and have been scared of the banjo ever since. The movie is “Deliverance”. The banjo is not featured throughout the movie but plays a big part.
Any man who hears the banjo will no doubt have one comment to utter, probably quite loudly.


Just got the chill again.

If you haven’t seen the movie or would like to know how the banjo will be remembered once it is finally extinct. Please go rent the movie. You won’t be disappointed and might not ever go into the woods again.



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