Home for the boys

by good2begone

Life is chock full of choices. It’s what puts us atop the mountain as a species. Speaking from the perspective of a male ( because I happen to be one ) I have decided write something brief on a subject that is always near to me.

Briefs……Underwear….the stuff your Mom always told you to had to have a clean pair on in case you got into a horrendous vehicle collision and got sent to the hospital. So went you went to change into the gown the ones you had on weren’t soiled…..

At least my Mom always told me that.

As a man, we have choices to make. Tightey whiteys, the pendulum blockers ( also known as boxers), the combo chic ( boxer briefs), or au natural Commando style ( which is the absence or lack of ).

Each man is free to choose the type based on the comfort level of shelter they wish the boys to have.

Once the decision has been made, as most women who have ever had a live in boyfriend or husband will attest, one pack of underwear will last a man well into the next millennium.

I personally continue to wear underwear until the band breaks or completely disintegrates. Luckily the band is made of space age polymers that are virtually indestructible. So I may be using this current 3 pack well into my ’90’s.

Back to choices.

1-tightey whiteys- popular with my parents generation. My Dad loved them so much that he hardly ever wore pants. No visual needed.

2-pendulum blockers-nice freedom and confidence builder but too much movement without pants. And the front opening for relieving purposes has a mind of its own.

3-combo chic- my personal favorite for comfort and security. And almost makes me look like I have a backside.

4- commando- popular with cowboys who wear wranglers and Chippendale dancers and squirrel smugglers everywhere. Only a chosen few enjoy this…. I’m not one of them.

I you want the boys to remain happy make the choice that is right for you.