Like preserver

by good2begone

I have had an account with Facebook for a couple of years. When I first started using it it was great. The whole reconnect with people you haven’t even thought about since high school without ever having to talk to them or see them in person kind of thing is right up my alley. Seriously, if I actually wanted to be in contact with them I wouldn’t have lost contact with them in first place.
My friends list hovers around 200 people. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Im about to start tossing them all off the boat and go back to my island of perfect solitude.
The novelty is wearing thin. What began as posting about way back when, where are you know, how have you been, do you still talk to so n so, what have you been up to, why did you move, has morphed into something the ship’s captain didn’t tell me about.
For the last month or so, the majority of my page is loaded up with pictures of people in emotional poses with quotes plastered across the middle of them. I don’t care about any if this. What I care less about (but am baffled by) is that some of these pics have over 300,000 likes attached to them.
At first I was torn between following the obvious “Flock of Facebook Likers” and just ignoring it…..but they just keep coming….and coming….and coming. It has taken the like right out of me.
Then it hit me… Like the Titanic hitting the iceberg. I am being bombarded with the Facebook version of the chain letter. I don’t like it. And the “Likers” can’t make me like it.
The chain letter was carried on by whoever decided to repost to 20 people what was posted to them…thru the mail. I am proud to say that I am not a reposter. And if bad things happen to me because I never reposted a post that was requested to be reposted, then I accept my responsibility as a non-reposter.

You can quote me on that….thru a post…but only if you like it first.