Hearing problem

by good2begone

I am a music fan. A big fan. I listen to music while I work, drive, eat and sleep. All kinds of music. I don’t think there is a genre of music that I find utterly repulsive to the ears. The fact that I listen to music so much, it would be fair to assume that I know the words to quite a few songs.
From time to time I break out into song….at inappropriate times….in inappropriate places. It just happens. My 13 year old step daughter is pretty much mortified to be in public with me because of it. She is under the impression that i sound like a wounded badger when i belt out a tune.
Truth be told, I can’t sing. I don’t trick myself into thinking that I can. I am under no delusion that one day Simon Cowell is going to seek me out and demand that I be on one of his talent shows.
I go thru the trouble of all that background information to ask a question-

Who is responsible for telling all these thousands of people that there are auditions coming to town for that TV talent show and if you go tryout you have just as much chance of winning as anyone else does?

Ig you have one of those parents who gushes over you while you sing songs off the radio…. Get most of the lyrics wrong ( that was great, honey!), and make your best American Idol face while doing it…..then chances are they are LYING to you, and don’t have the nerve to tell you the truth because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Sorry to be the one to break the news, but when you sing, the neighbors dog hides under the bed.
Open auditions are the best part of any of those shows. The ones who make it to the final rounds I could care less about. It’s the ones who walk thru the door to audition, who come right out n say, ” My Mom says I sound like an Angel from Heaven. She says if I didn’t bless you with my voice then I would be sorry for the rest of my life.” typically a Celine Dion or Aretha Franklin song is butchered and stopped before the second verse. The little angel is told the truth. Then get mad when they are told to stick to waiting tables and please stay away from any and all karaoke machines.
My advice to all parents, friends and associates of bad vocalists everywhere. Please tell them and stop the madness.